The most efficient way for cost-effective publishing on DPS

We sew to measure.

However your current workflow looks like, we can integrate PDF4DPS to automatically pickup your content and deliver it directly to the Adobe DPS distribution platform.

We don't care.

PDF isn't PDF. Our system works completely independent of the input PDF format. We analyze your source content and the system automatically optimizes the output to get the best visual result on any digital device.

We are with you.

With the unmatched performance of the PDF4DPS platform and the industrial leading throughput compared to any other solution on the market, we will dramatically reduce your production costs and save your time for more creative tasks.

We build your solution.

Whenever there are special requirements, based on our modular and very flexible workflow structure, we are able to implement additional functionality to fulfill your requirements.


We only offer a few things but those we do very, very well.

Web UI

The control panel is the heart of managing our PDF4DPS workflow engine and gives you full control of all conversion tasks during the production process. Further more the control panel gives you access from anywhere in the world without the need of any additional tools to enhance you publication with eye-catching multimedia content.

Payload Manager

With our Windows, OS X and Linux compatible PayLoad Manager, it has never been easier to publish your content with a simple click. Based on multiple predefined control sets for all your publications, you simply have to choose your publication, drag and drop your files onto the PayloadManger and click deliver. Everything else is done by our magic.

Content Robot

With our unique Content Robot, we are able to aggregate content of different types and from different locations without the need of any human interaction. After the Content Robot has collected all required data, the publication process will be initiated automatically and you will be notified upon completion of publishing process.

Sample pricing

Based on average customer demands

Quarterly high glossy magazine

€ 950,-/quarterly

  • 4 issues per year
  • 250 pages average
  • iOS & Android rendition
  • authoring tool included
  • 24h email support

Monthly style magazine

€ 1.550,-/quarterly

  • 12 issues per year
  • 360 pages average
  • iOS rendition
  • authoring tool included
  • 24h email support

Weekly economic magazine

€ 3.520,-/quarterly

  • 52 issues per year
  • 140 pages average
  • iOS & Android rendition
  • authoring tool included
  • 24h email support

Get a special quotation

Don't hesitate to ask for your project price. If you need to publish several different publications, or want to convert your backissues for a certain period of time. Simply request a quotation with your expected number of magazines and average amount of pages to be converted.


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